"Karibu Zanzibar. Rent 18 years of our experience" Sabry Juma, Owner.

Our Fleet

Vehicle Hire and Rentals. VIP pick-ups and Transfers. Taxi-ing 24/7. Tours & Touring.

Zanzibar’s first registered car hire business, since 2002 Zanzibar Car Hire has assisted visitors with their exploration of our beautiful island of Unguja (Zanzibar).‍

Our service starts when you book, and we support you 24h/day during your rental period.

We meet all rental and transportation needs in air conditioned comfort : saloons & sedans, small & medium-sized 4x4s, people movers, and scooters. Immaculate and well maintained.

Drivers are professionally trained, speaking a number of languages. We guarantee we’ll be there waiting for you as arranged, 24/7.

Due to repeated requests by our many guests, we expanded 5 years ago into tourism, and are now one of Zanzibar’s most popular tour operators.

Explore the Spice Island of Zanzibar with us, or ask our advice for rich experiences.


We have a wide range of selected vehicles including min vans, saloon, buses and motorbikes. Choose what the best for you and make an online reservation.


Choose from a wide range of selected best Zanzibar Hotels and Lodges, including Stone Town Hotels, North Coast Hotels, West Coast Hotels and Guest Houses.