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Safari Blue – Original Tour

We only work with the original Safari Blue tour which has been running great days out in Zanzibar since 1996. Your Safari Blue day starts from Fumba village, south west of Stone Town. Fumba is the most convenient location for exploring the wildlife, isolated sandbanks and rugged island scenery of the Menai Bay Conservation Area.

Safari Blue is a full day boat trip on traditional hand built mahogany sailing dhows finished to the very highest standards of comfort and safety. Enjoy dolphin watching, guided snorkeling with top quality Cressi-sub equipment, a selection of sodas, mineral water, fruit and snacks. Lunch is served at our desert island restaurant and includes a delicious Zanzibari seafood lunch with grilled fish, calamari and slipper lobster, a gastronomic tropical fruit tasting, cold beer, coffee and Amarula liqueur. Take a swim in the mangrove lagoon, sail in an ngalawa, relax on a sun bed, climb an ancient baobab tree and then finish the day off by returning to Fumba by traditional sail.

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