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History of Zanzibar:
1698: Zanzibar becomes part of the Sultanate of Oman and Zanzibar
1804: Sultan Said bin Sayed of Oman and Zanzibar moves his capital to Zanzibar and rules 1804-1856
1856: Zanzibar becomes an independent Sultanate
1890: Beginning of British Protectorate
1896: Shortest war in history (38 minutes)
1964: Revolution and Union with Tanganyika to form Tanzania

Sultans of Zanzibar:
1. Majid bin Said, 1856-1870
2. Barghash bin Said, 1870-1888
3. Khalifa bin Said, 1988-1890
4. Ali bin Said, 1890-1893
5. Hamid bin Thuwayni, 1893-1896
6. Khalid bin Barghash, 25/08/1896-27/08/1896
7. Hamoud bin Mohammed, 1896-1902
8. Ali bin Hamoud, 1902-1911 (Mr. Rogers regent until 1905)
9. Khalifa bin Harub, 1911-1960
10. Abdullah bin Khalifa, 1960-1963
11. Jamshid bin Abdullah, 01/07/1963-12/01/1964

Stone Town is the old city where the rich citizens of Zanzibar used to live. It is located on a lagoon, which until recently was separated by channels of shallow sea water. These have been filled, so as to connect the city with the other urban parts.

The ancient doors of carved wood are a special attraction when strolling through the narrow streets, perhaps passing by Jaw’s Corner to have a cup of original Zanzibar coffee.

A visit to the ancient slave market is a must so as to commemorate the victims of the African Holocaust – slavery. From there it is easy to walk to the buzzing market of Darajani, perhaps make a stop at the Zanzibar Coffee House, walk on and do some errands…

Half Day – can be combined with other half day excursions.

Spices have been grown in Zanzibar ever since the Arabs decided to try growing them on these tropical islands instead of importing them from South-East-Asia. Especially cloves are famous for their high quality to this day.

Join us on a tour through one of the spice farms of Unguja and learn how different spice plants grow!

Half Day – can be combined with other half day excursions.

Jozani Forest is the last remaining rain forest on Unguja Island, the main island of the Zanzibar Archipelago.

Our tour to this area will also lead us to the Zanzibar Red Colobus Monkeys, indigenous to Unguja Island, and will end with a stroll through the mangroves.

The tour can be combined with a visit to Pete Butterfly Center.

Full Day

It takes about 20 minutes by boat to reach Changuu or Prison Island, starting from Stone Town. The prison on the island was originally built for runaway slaves, but never used. Nowadays, the main attraction on the island is the giant Seychelles tortoises, whose parents were given to Zanzibar as a present about 130 years ago. Changuu is a popular destination for mainly families with children and snorkeling fans.

Half Day – can be combined with other half day excursions

Safari Blue starts from the Fumba peninsula and is a whole day’s excursion that includes visits to islands, sandbanks, snorkeling, and a rich seafood barbeque lunch. Enjoy!

Full Day

Dolphins are mainly found in the south of Unguja Island. It is here where you take a boat and have a good chance to encounter these intelligent creatures of the sea. Enjoy!

Full Day

Island Tour: we show you the most beautiful parts of Unguja Island in a full day’s excursions – villages, beaches, historical sites, and more… Please don’t forget your camera!

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